Tam Wagner, P.Eng., Director, Energy Efficiency

When it comes to building diverse skill sets and charting an enviable career track, you don’t have to join a huge organization. Just ask Tam Wagner, whose path at the IESO has taken her from the control room to leading teams that support real-time and future reliability.

“You really can have an entire career here if you make each opportunity count,” says Tam, who completed her last co-op term in electrical engineering at the IESO and hasn’t looked back since.

For Tam, becoming senior advisor to the CEO in 2015 was an opportunity to build on her roles in operations and regulatory affairs, and leverage the takeaways she gained following a one-year secondment to the Ministry of Energy’s conservation group.

“Working in the CEO’s office enhanced my strategic thinking skills and gave me a much more comprehensive perspective on the organization, the sector, and how we’re viewed externally. It really helped shape me and the way I looked at new opportunities down the road.”

Although Tam’s curiosity and passion for learning led her to embrace new roles, she says there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building a rewarding career at the IESO. “You can either focus in a particular area and expand the depth of your skills as a subject matter specialist or seek out a range of opportunities and expand the breadth of what you bring to the table – or some combination of the two. The choice is up to you.”