Power Your Career: Internships and Co-op Placements

At the IESO, we’re committed to providing students and interns with meaningful experiences, enabling them to work in their area of study alongside thought leaders in their field, take advantage of learning, networking and mentoring opportunities – and gain marketable skills in the process. While engineers completing their professional experience qualifications are among those attracted by what we have to offer, the IESO also welcomes students from a number of other disciplines, including IT, HR, Finance and Communications. In fact, it’s this first-hand exposure to a vital industry, the opportunity to work on projects that matter, and an environment that values everyone’s contributions that has led so many former co-ops and interns to see the IESO as more than a short-term opportunity to build their skills – it’s a place where they can build a rewarding career.

From Student to Employee

David Le, Power System Analyst, Market Forecasts and Integration
2017 Co-op Student, Queen’s University, Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering

“For me, there are really two factors that make the IESO a great place to build a career: the work and the people. I wanted to gain more hands-on experience in the industry and the IESO is a place when you can put all the theory you’ve learned in an academic setting into practice.

As part of a team that assesses proposed outages on the system to ensure we can continue to deliver electricity reliably, the people I work with are key. We’re in an open concept space, so we have ready access to our colleagues, which means there’s always someone you can tap on the shoulder for advice, clarification or support.”

Saeed Mohamed, Analyst, Indigenous Relations
2017 Co-op Student, University of Toronto, Honours Bachelor of Arts, Public Policy

“If I had one piece of advice to give to students it’s this: you don’t have to end up in the place you first envisioned. Keep your mind open to the possibilities of finding real meaning, even if you’re not familiar with the employer and the connection between what you want and what they do is not immediately obvious.

When I joined the IESO as a co-op student, I never imagined that I would find a niche where I could connect my personal values and goals with what I do every day in the office. I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to discover that here.”

June Too, Advisor, External Communications
2009 Co-op Student, Seneca College, Corporate Communications Post-Graduate Certificate

“After a co-op placement experience in communications, I had the opportunity to work in IESO customer relations, where I leveraged my skills to communicate effectively with market participants and to produce our flagship newsletter. Gaining this experience and knowledge of the customer side was invaluable. I’ve since had the opportunity to contribute in many areas of communications from brand strategy and graphic design, to digital communications and events, across all our target audiences.

While I was initially interested in the electricity sector because of my background in environmental studies, I’ve stayed because the work continues to be meaningful and interesting. With the electricity sector always in flux, I’m always learning and motivated by the opportunity to take on new challenges.”