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Markets and Operations
Keeping the lights on, today and into the future, is at the heart of what we do. We manage real-time operations that support the electricity grid, balancing supply and demand every minute of every day, dispatching resources scheduled through the markets, ensuring electricity will be available when contingencies occur, and coordinating outages to protect system reliability. We also look at the wholesale markets over the longer term, integrating new and emerging technologies, and identifying and realizing high-value enhancements though market design.

System Planning and Forecasting
Our roles in planning and forecasting enable us to regularly and transparently assess the province’s short-, medium- and long-term electricity needs, and share this information to inform electricity sector decisions and investments. Engaging with stakeholders, communities and government, we help ensure Ontario’s grid is reliable, resilient and cost effective – preparing for the future while expecting the unexpected.

Market Oversight
We support an efficient electricity market and power grid, fostering compliance with market rules and North American reliability standards by providing market participants (such as generators and transmitters) with specific guidance on rules and standards. We also investigate potential breaches, impose sanctions, and monitor payment recoveries – all of which enhance the credibility, competitiveness and reliability of our $19-billion-plus electricity market and, ultimately, bring value to Ontario’s electricity consumers.

Corporate Roles
Acting as an integrator at the heart of the electricity system requires the IESO to deliver reliable and affordable power today, while bringing together diverse perspectives to plan for tomorrow and the new realities of power. Achieving these goals in a fast-changing electricity landscape depends on the contributions of a broad range of talented professionals – people with deep expertise in their respective fields. Whether helping mitigate risk, providing legal or marketing advice, managing relationships with stakeholders, implementing leading-edge cyber security programs, or ensuring our people have the skills they need to thrive, our corporate team touches every aspect of our business.

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